Windows Package Manager gets uninstall option very soon


The fact that the Windows Package Manager exists is a big step forward, but although the service is preview, it is rather limited. Right now, you can use it to find and install software, but removing it should be done the old-fashioned way. And who wants to do that?

Finally, however, that is about to change, according to these tweets from Demitrius Nelon, a member of the Windows Package Manager team.

It might seem like a small update, but it’s a huge deal for Windows Package Manager users and will make it something that users can start to really rely on. The update has been submitted to the Microsoft Store for existing users and will be available soon.

If you haven’t tried Windows Package Manager yet, it’s very easy to get started. We have a complete guide on how to install the preview on your machine, and another guide on how to get started using it.

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The Windows Package Manager is very similar to the package managers you would use on Linux in Terminal, and on Windows it will eventually be a first-party alternative to something like Chocolatey. It’s not necessarily for everyone, which is good, but there are many use cases where a tool like this will make software deployment, and soon its removal, much more efficient.

And if you give it a try, definitely head over to, a great third-party tool for locating and assisting supported packages.


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