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Ogden, Utah, November 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A new software tool called MAP Watcher enables manufacturers and private labels to automatically monitor resellers, detect policy violations, and send enforcement letters. MAP Watcher is the second in a suite of software offerings from Channel Precision for e-commerce. The company’s first product, 2D Transit, is a labeling tool for Amazon sellers. Other software applications for Amazon sellers will also be on the way in 2022.

The name MAP Watcher refers to the MAP monitoring capabilities of the software. Brands set a minimum advertised price, or MAP, to prevent price competition from resellers that could reduce profit margins and undermine consumers’ perception of product value. But many resellers cheat, especially on e-commerce platforms like Amazon which attribute the sale to the seller with the lowest price. WFP’s policy therefore requires effective monitoring and implementation.

MAP Watcher scans the Amazon and Google Shopping platforms for MAP violations, including late at night when cheaters are most active. When it detects a violation, it archives a screenshot of the list for later use as evidence. It can automatically send enforcement letters to violators, or you can choose to log in and send them manually from within the app.

In addition to detecting MAP violations, MAP Watcher also detects and documents the activity of unauthorized or “rogue” resellers. Unauthorized resellers are a problem because they do not buy directly from the brand and may not follow brand policies such as MAP. In some cases, their goods may be stolen or counterfeit. MAPWatcher lists every product listing and seller of the brand’s UPCs, with screenshots as proof. It also has the ability to report inventory to authorized sellers and scammers if requested. You may request an investigation to understand the true identity of the Rogue seller so that action can be taken.

This data allows brands to prioritize law enforcement by malicious sellers based on the UPCs sold and the amount of inventory the malicious sellers have. For example, small retail arbitrageurs with only a few units of last season’s styles may not be worth it. Large dishonest sellers may receive takedown notices, reported to the ecommerce marketplace, or sued.

Channel Precision designed MAP Watcher to meet the needs of one of the world’s largest Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) brands. Used exclusively by this brand for several years, the product automated execution tasks previously performed by a large investigative division made up of doctors. This generated such disproportionate labor savings for this customer that Channel Precision decided to develop and expand the product for wider use. After extensive testing, MAP Watcher is now available to the public through contract-free subscription plans with competitive prices.

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