Florida integrator Millennium Systems Design optimizes the Modus VR software tool



Breaking into the audiovisual and systems integration industry is no easy task, with tons of information to learn across multiple disciplines. For Millennium Systems Design, of Orlando, Fla., The use of systems design specialist Modus VR not only facilitates project proposals through its virtual reality software, but also helped team members navigate their way. quickly familiarize with the AV and the design.

Millennium, a Unlimited Azion member of the group, on board technician Austin Crouthamel, who received a crash course in what his job would involve on assigned first project chair Mike Barry – a golf simulator room.

Not the traditional home theater-like setup that Crouthamel was familiar with, he relied on the Modus VR system to help him visualize the room, its goals, and the various components needed, says Barry. The project would use virtual reality to transform an open canvas into a true virtual golf course, so to speak – a simulation room for practicing swings and maximizing entertainment.

“We master the VR mode software to design and present to our customers a realistic visual representation of home theaters, but golf simulation rooms are more difficult, given their size and scope, ”notes Barry.

“It’s hard to imagine how they can fit into a home without completely exceeding the space… until you put on the Modus VR headset. “

Real-time 360 ​​degree designs impress the customer

Millennium’s new installer blew up on its first release. Using VR mode, entirely from scratch, Crouthamel built the floor, added ventilation, hung a projector and screen – showing everything to scale so owners could fully understand how exciting, dynamic and engaging their new space would be. , without encroaching on neighboring rooms.

“He was able to show clients in 360 degrees and in real time what their entire space would look like. Also, he showed them how to exit the simulation room into the media room, family room and kitchen, so that the new addition felt like a natural extension of their home, ”says Barry.

“The client had a total ‘a-ha!’ moment, which helped us sell the entire project, and faster than we ever could by producing traditional 2D or 3D renderings.

This is a huge benefit that has boosted Millennium’s bottom line not only by converting leads to sales in minutes, but dramatically streamlining the workflow. Before investing in Modus VR, Millennium often used outside architects to create 3D renderings of projects, at $ 3,500 apiece.

Not only was it an expensive endeavor, but it hampered the collaboration between Millennium and its customers in real time, Barry explains.

Millennium Systems Design clients can work very easily with the integrator with renderings on any project change.

“Our clients would review renderings, try to visualize solutions at home, and usually come back with lots of questions, clarifications, and changes that added to the time and total project cost for updates or a whole new set of revised drawings. . And, because this was not done in real time in real space, the client never “saw” their room until the actual installation. At that point, questions and changes come too late or even more costly, ”he says.

“I figured that by the end of the first year, we would be able to cover all the costs associated with the Modus VR technology and software. I was wrong. We got the money back in two months – it’s the best investment I’ve made all year.

Millennium System Design Business Partners Appreciate the Speed ​​of the Virtual Reality Platform

He notes that Modus VR’s virtual reality, Modus Photo or Modus 360 presentations have resonated with builders, architects and designers, generating buzz and additional business for Millennium.

“When we can show our business partners what certain parts look like before they’re built, it’s a win-win for everyone,” Barry says. “A builder recently asked us to design a project for a client who had approached our company. Without telling him, Austin designed the entire space. When he walked in and saw it in Modus VR, he opened his mouth wide and said verbatim that it was the best selling tool he had ever seen.

As for Crouthamel, use of the software continues to help them push the boundaries of design for Millennium clients.

“I love being very creative with it and then showing people a real room or area with all the products in it, even artwork. It’s exciting work, being able to turn concepts into real rooms with technology, furniture and other elements.



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