FlipBuilder Unveils Free Catalog Building Software Tool


FlipBuilder has launched free catalog building software to help businesses modernize their operations. Digital catalogs are great product sales and marketing tools for customers to see product offerings before deciding to order. For sales teams, catalogs provide the flexibility to analyze sales data, customize product details, and target customers.

Creating catalogs on Flip PDF Plus Pro allows users to tell their brand story and include how-to videos for product attributes while showing consumers the point of difference in the products offered by a brand. It’s easy to add product visuals and showcase brands in an informative and visually appealing way.

This free catalog maker software offers various assets to beautify catalogs. Adding quality product visuals convinces customers to buy products. With images accompanying product details, the illustration of product attributes becomes clear, giving consumers a complete idea of ​​what they want to buy. It also presents a brand favorably to customers.

The good thing with catalogs is that they can be personalized for each customer, allowing them to see only what the business wants them to see. Using HTML technology and the page-turning effect, it’s easy to track sales, product searches, customer history, and other customer-specific details and customize future posts to suit. their interests.

“Catalogs are great launchpads for omnichannel shopping journeys,” says Ivan Leung, CTO of FlipBuilder. In addition to introducing new ideas, you can use our free catalog builder software to build awareness and inspire customers to buy products through other channels. Provide multiple options for ordering items in your catalogs, such as phone numbers or website links, and you’ll see how your sales will skyrocket. We want you to exhaust the full potential of this software so that you can make profit for your business.

With Flip PDF Plus Pro, businesses can streamline their sales processes by including shopping carts for direct purchases. Sales teams can take orders directly from customers and even process payment instantly.

For more information about this free catalog maker software, visit FlipBuilder.

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is an innovative and professional digital publishing platform, providing the best solution to convert static PDF files into a beautiful online flipbook. From design to delivery, we focus on ease of use and operating power. Unlike traditional print publications on paper, you can create a stylish digital magazine online in several steps.


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