Entreprenuer presents a new SMS blasting software tool



A local entrepreneur, through his small company In Motion Computing, brings a new and exciting product to the telecommunications field.

In Motion Computing founder Paul Tupou said he was inspired by the challenges small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) faced during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

He said: “During the first lockdown, I was reading Facebook and other media platforms and noticed the health ministry needed a way to raise awareness, so I thought about developing something. convenient, fast and affordable and reaching the masses from rural areas to urban centers.

“My business is in software programming; we just developed a program called Mina Moni SMS for the PNG market.

“The name of the product is ‘Mina Moni SMS’ and it should be known as an SMS Blasting software tool.

“It’s a tool for businesses or individuals to send (blow) SMS text messages to any PNG Mobil number over the Internet.

Much cheaper, faster and simpler solutions that will help SMBs, businesses and businesses to do SMS blasting, ”Tupou said.

Mina Moni sends SMS faster and more cheaply from a PC to any subscriber in the PNG mobile network, via the Internet.

The software application is available free of charge, therefore, charges will apply when purchasing prepaid services of the K20, K50, K100 and K500 plans.

Some of the features include prepaid service, built-in contact address book (CAB), credits never expire but decrease when used, single text or bulk SMS, branded messaging (use your mobile or your company name), easy ordering / payment process, in built-in logs and reports and ready for integration (custom text messaging).

Mr. Tupou explained that the idea to develop such a product came from the inspiration of the difficult times that SMEs, companies have gone through.

Currently, In Motion Computing targets individuals, SMEs, businesses and large corporations.

It starts with an investment of K20 for the purchase of data plans and for a single message it costs only 0.20K (20t) and 160 characters is the norm.

For those wishing to acquire or learn more about the product can contact Paul Tupou at 75828803 or by email: mms @ inmotioncomputing.com / pault @ inmotioncomputing.com.


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