Windows Package Manager preview adds ability to uninstall programs

Image credit: Demitrius Nelon (Twitter)

Microsoft released the Windows Package Manager in May 2020, bringing Windows a Linux-like command-line based package manager. The offering – also known as a winget – allows users to quickly install a set of programs from a central repository that is hosted on GitHub. Users can also choose to use GUI-based offerings such as which offers pre-made packages and more.

Now the Windows Package Manager preview is getting an update that brings a small but important feature; the ability to uninstall applications using the utility. The function was posted on Twitter by Demitrius Nelon, member of the team building the package manager. The preview version update was finally submitted to the Microsoft Store as part of the App Installer package yesterday and has been confirmed by Nelon (spotted by WindowsCentral) as available on the store now.

As Nelon noted, it may take some time for preview build 0.2.10191 to roll out to all users, so those who are unable to find the update may have to be wait a while. The ability to use the utility to install and uninstall apps greatly improves the tool’s usability while making it a viable alternative to other third-party offerings. If you want to install the update manually, you can find the package on the GitHub releases page here.

It will be interesting to see if more developers leverage the open source client to create such handlers, and when existing apps like add this functionality.


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