Windows Package Manager gets support for portable apps


Microsoft is currently rolling out a new version of Windows Package Manager as a preview. With the release of version 1.3.1251 of the tool also known as winget, Microsoft is adding support for portable apps. There are other tweaks to the service, but that support seems to be the priority for this update.

If you are unfamiliar with portable apps, these are software that do not need to be installed via the Microsoft Store or traditional exe/msi files. With a portable application, it is possible to extract the program files, place them in any folder and run them under Windows.

Since they do not require installation, they can be stored externally and used on multiple Windows PCs.


For the latest Windows Package Manager preview, Microsoft is adding support for portable apps, but with limitations. Specifically, users can install apps with local manifests, but they can’t uninstall or update portable software.

If you’re new to the Windows Package Manager, check out our comprehensive tutorial on using the new developer service.


Elsewhere in 1.3.1251, Microsoft says the progress bar now looks better, while a setting for detailed logs is available. View full release details on Windows Package Manager GitHub repository. The preview is available for Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel and the Insider Program for Package Manager.

Microsoft introduced Windows Package Manager (Winget) for Windows 10 in the 2020 release. The new service provides developers with a platform to efficiently download services to aid in application development. However, the new open-source solution sparked controversy after the creator of a similar tool claimed that Microsoft stole his idea.

Microsoft later admitted that it should have credited Keivan Beigi for his work launching WinGet.

Tip of the day: Windows now has a package manager similar to Linux called “Winget”. In our tutorial, we show you how to install and use this new tool that allows quick installation of applications via PowerShell or a GUI.



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