Windows Package Manager gets preliminary support for portable apps


Microsoft has released a new preview version of Windows Package Manager, also known as winget. The main highlight of version 1.3.1251-preview is preliminary support for portable applications.

Portable apps are software that doesn’t require traditional installation from the Microsoft Store or the use of conventional msi or exe files. You can extract the program files to any folder and run the application immediately. One of the advantages of portable apps is that you can keep them on removable storage and run them on any Windows PC without installation, which is convenient for troubleshooting or maintenance.

The current preview version of Windows Package Manager offers limited support for portable software. Customers can use local manifests to install apps and test the latest features. The Windows Package Manager does not support uninstalling or updating portable apps, and the community does not accept such submissions (yet).

Other feature changes in the Windows Package Manager 1.3.1251 preview include a better progress bar with thinner blocks, a setting to always use detailed logs, and an improved winget –info command that now displays the system architecture.

You can find a list of all changes in the latest Windows Package Manager in its repository on GitHub. Build 1.3.1251-preview is available for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel and for users participating in the Windows Package Manager Insider Program (works on Windows 10 1809 and later).


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