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  • the Windows Package Manager is a tool designed to help you find, view and to install packages. How easy? Use a single command fin to install tool> you can to install your favorite tool.
  • Everything works through GitHub. the developers list their applications in one GitHub deposit and the packaging manager get them and installed them right away.
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Download Windows Package Manager aka Winget

Today, during Microsoft Build 2020, we got the first look at the new Windows Package Manager.

the Windows Package Manager is a tool designed to help you find, view, and install packages quickly and easily. How easy? With just one command, winget install you can install your favorite tool.

How does the Windows package manager work?

Everything works through GitHub. Developers list their apps in a GitHub repository, and the package manager retrieves and installs them immediately.

It’s that simple.

So while for the preview version you can find, view and install packages, they plan to update windows package manager with uninstall, list and update.

Where to download the Windows package manager?

You can download and install Windows Package Manager preview annually from GitHub releases.

However, you can also get it through the automatic updates from the Microsoft Store that contains the client, but for that you will need to install a Windows 10 Insider build and join the preview flight ring by register for the insider program.

Winget commands

If you are installing the Windows Package Manager, these are the fin orders and options for preview:

  • to install Install the given application
  • Pin up Displays information about an application
  • The source Manage application sources
  • to look for Find and view basic application information
  • chop Help with hashing installation files
  • to validate Validates a manifest file
  • -to help Provides command line help
  • -Info Provides additional data, useful for troubleshooting
  • -version Provide client version


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