Windows 10 gets a new, fast package manager


You probably don’t realize it, but you need a command line package manager in your life. No, honestly, they’re awesome. The good news is that this is no longer the stash of your friends who are Linux users, or third party apps like Chocolatey, because Microsoft has finally seen the error of its methods and made the app accessible to everyone.

You’re probably wondering why you need a command line package manager, and the answer is speed. It gives you access to apps from various sources without the need to browse questionable websites, avoid unwanted downloads, or end up with the wrong app.

If you are taking care of multiple PCs, it also allows you to write some simple scripts which will load your machines with the applications you want.

Anyone who works in IT will likely give a little jump of excitement from this inclusion alone. And we respect that. It should also make reinstalling Windows 10 a breeze, as long as you’re the organized type and keep a list of the apps you use.

The good news is, you can grab it right now. If you’re a part of the Windows Insider Build Program, you probably already have it, but you can get it on any Windows 10 installation by pointing your browser to this blog post on Windows Package Manager, then by clicking on the “install directly” link in the “How do I get it” section.

Once installed, you can launch the new package manager from Windows Powershell (right click on the Windows startup indicator and select it from there). Just type in “winget” to make sure it works, then you can poke around with its command line goodness. For example, to install Steam, all you need to do is type:

Winget install Steam

Here we go. It’s relatively early for the app, and not everything is listed in the repositories just yet, but that should improve over time. You can also use the winget app to retrieve all the latest versions of the apps you have installed. Just type in the winget upgrade to see what’s available.


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