Why students almost always have too little money.

In a few weeks, the winter semester starts – and for many young men and women begins the student life.

3 Issues that students underestimate in their financial planning again and again

3 Issues that students underestimate in their financial planning again and again

Anyone who is looking forward to the start in their first home or in the dorm should set up a financial plan at the latest and take a close look. Because: There are always issues that forget or underestimate students at the first planning. Life at the university and in the student city is not only tempting, but also many hidden costs that most people forget or do not really appreciate when planning.

Here are some of these often underestimated costs that you should know


So that not a few weeks after the start of the financial crisis breaks out and the first injection of funds from the parents is necessary:

Rent eats at least a third:

student cities are usually popular cities. People who come from a small town or a rural region and are looking for an apartment in the university city for the first time often experience a shock, just how high the price level is. According to calculations of the German Student Union at least one third of the student budget accounts for rent and utilities. Ascending trend. In popular and expensive cities like Hamburg, Munich or Cologne, students pay an average of 350 to 400 € per month for rent and utilities.

Teaching Material:

Depending on the subject, students may also need to spend more or less in order to finance the teaching material. On average, according to calculations by the German Student, up to € 65 per month for books etc. are due. But that can be significantly more in an individual case. At the beginning of the semester, many people realize that there are not enough copies of an essential standard work in the library. If the time pushes before the first retreats or chores, often more expensive textbooks must be purchased than planned. If you are skilled, you will need a reserve for this.

Even older students can run into the cost trap:

Anyone who takes their time studying can suddenly face financial problems even as an old hand. Many federal states collect fees for long-term students. If you need more than 12 semesters for your bachelor’s degree in Lower Saxony, you have to pay 500 € per semester. Those who need more time, for example because they have to work or have stayed abroad, should inform themselves about such long-term fees in good time in order to aim for a timely conclusion before it becomes expensive.