Technology for Filmmakers: Mani Ratnam Launches Software Tool to Streamline Production Workflow


Honey Flicks, set up by a team of techs, hopes to help lower film production costs

Honey Flicks, set up by a team of techs, hopes to help lower film production costs

What happens when a group of tech-savvy people collaborate to make a full-fledged feature film? They meet all the challenges that come with setting up a project.

The team behind the Tamil film Vishamakaran faced it all and, as part of due process, found they could put their technical knowledge to good use. Now they’ve come up with software called Honey Flicks, which hopes to streamline the production management workflow. “Our robust software platform, with a requirements-driven approach, has helped us complete Vishamakaran“, said Vijay Kuppuswamy aka V, “This platform helped the team revise the call sheets from 19 to 13 resulting in a cost saving of 40%. If an independent filmmaker could achieve this, then imagine what an experienced team can do?

“Cinema is an expensive art form. It’s important to be as efficient as possible,” said director Mani Ratnam, who launched the software with veteran producer TG Thyagarajan and actor Prashanth, “Movies are not completely works of art because it also involves a lot of human management and commerce.

Mani Ratnam and TG Thyagarajan had collaborated on the director’s first film, Pagal Nilavu, in 1985, . “Over the past 40 years, I have seen so many changes in the habits of the film industry. Back then, planning and accounting were done manually. Such technological advances will help film production a lot,” said said Thyagarajan, who will be using the software for his next project which will start soon.

Commenting on the success of other language films like RRR and KGF: Chapter 2 in the Tamil markets, Mani Ratnam said, “We made a film like Chandralekha (1948) which marked even the northern states! It’s just that the frequency of these outings has increased now. A film that attracts attention is a positive trend. When we watch Tamil dubbed versions of Hollywood movies, why can’t we watch Kannada movies?”


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