Solus will soon use the new Sol Package Manager, the first rolling ISO to add Linux 4.8.8


Today, November 15, 2016, the stable repositories of the Solus Linux operating system were inundated with many updated and new packages, bringing users the latest Open Source and GNU / Linux technologies.

Users of the Linux-based computer operating system have received nearly all of the recently released core software applications and utilities that are essential to such a modern operating system, including the Linux 4.8.7 kernel, Mozilla Firefox 50.0, Vim 8.0.0085, Wine 1.9.23, PHP 7.0.13, HPLIP 3.6.10, SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.8, SMplayer 16.11.0, and much more.

There are also a large number of new packages added to the stable repositories, which Solus users have recently requested. Among these are AmSynth 1.7.0, GNOME Power Manager 3.20.0, Apache 2.4.23, HTTrack 3.48.21, Retroshare 0.6.1, Sigil 0.9.7, as well as Suricata 3.1.2. All this is to be installed and kept on your Solus box.

But there are also various under-the-hood improvements that users might appreciate, such as better backlight controls for the i3 window manager, the implementation of the Apertium machine translation platform, and the addition of the micro-framework. Web Valum. Therefore, be sure to update your Solus installation ASAP to get all of these benefits, and remember, if you love Solus, support it!

First ISO Snapshot, Budgie 11, Linux Driver Management and Sol

And now for much bigger news, the Solus Project development team is still working hard to bring us a more beautiful and functional Budgie desktop environment, version 11, which should bring with it the Linux Driver agnostic distribution tool. Management promised for automatic detection and configuration of proprietary pilots and the Sol package manager.

“Once Big Budgie 11 is released, our focus will shift back from our distribution independent desktop environment to improvements in some of the underlying elements of Solus, namely the move from eopkg to a C-based ‘ground’ package manager. Said Joshua Strobl, Solus developer and community manager, in the 39th installation today of the This Week In Solus project newsletter.

Ultimately, it looks like a new ISO snapshot is being prepared for public testing, bringing everything just released. Linux kernel 4.8.8 and sound support for select Bay Trail laptops, the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers, and an updated graphics stack based on X.Org Server 1.19.0. In related news, Solus Project today announced a new partnership with Unixstickers to deliver stickers with the Solus operating system logo.


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