SD Times News Summary: Parasoft Releases SOAtest 2021.2, Windows Package Manager 1.1, Python 3.10 Now Available


Parasoft announced the 2021.2 version of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, CTP and DTP. The API testing components of the Parasoft Continuous Quality Platform will be available on October 12, 2021 and will enable teams to overcome software quality challenges and achieve high-speed continuous delivery.

This release pushes security testing into developer workflows, covering API testing strategy from development to testing and to AppSec. In addition, the testing platform combines dynamic application security testing of Parasoft SOAtests and smart generation with OWASP ZAP to identify security vulnerabilities in APIs.

According to Kevin Greene, director of security solutions at Parasoft, “API security testing is gaining visibility in many business applications as organizations strive to protect their users and keep their software secure. ”

Windows 1.1 Package Manager

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Package Manager 1.1, fixing bugs and adding new, much-anticipated features. Windows Package Manager is released as an automatic update for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users through the Microsoft Store.

Among the features highlighted is a client update, which now ships with two sources configured: the Windows Package Manager application repository and the Microsoft Store, allowing users to access the applications in the store. .

Windows Package Manager is distributed directly from the Microsoft Store app installer. It can also be downloaded and installed from the GitHub version. To find out more visit here.

Python 3.10 now available

Recently, Python released Python 3.10, the next major version of the Python programming language. The release brings many new features and optimizations to users, including parameter-specific variables, precise line numbers for debugging, and several structural model matching features.

In addition, the release also brings features such as the ability to deprecate and prepare for deletion of the wstr member in PyUnicodeObject, writing union types as X | Y, optional length checking in zip, context handlers in parentheses now allowed, deprecated distutils module, and Explicit type aliases.

To learn more about the outing, visit here.

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