SA software tool to deepen ‘Addinsight’



Addinsight was developed in 2012 by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (then the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) to capture and analyze data on travel times between any two points where beacons are installed on the road network.

Addinsight determines the travel times between any two points on the road, detected by beacons located around the road network that “ping” the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices of road users.

This data is anonymized and aggregated to provide real-time and predictive updates on traffic movements and congestion.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard said SAGE Automation will now take care of further development of the software to meet the needs of its users.

“SAGE has the experience and technical expertise to further improve the Addinsight offering,” said Minister Wingard.

“What was originally developed for in-house use is now being used by customers and road users in Australia and New Zealand – this has been a great success for South Australia.

“However, the main business of the department is not to manage and develop a commercial software product, which is why they consulted with the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur in 2019 on opportunities to further strengthen Addinsight.”

An in-depth external study was commissioned to examine the market potential, which recommended the immediate divestment of Addinsight to maximize its attractiveness as a potential investment in an emerging commodity market.

“The department will continue to have access to data collected by Addinsight and will partner with SAGE to identify opportunities that could be implemented to use real-time traffic information to improve the management of Adelaide’s road network. .

SAGE chief executive and CEO Adrian Fahey said the company is committed to working with transportation authorities to create a smarter future and a better world.

“It is essential to have intelligent software capable of collecting, analyzing and using road data to support operations, road infrastructure planning, better event response and reporting – AddInsight is already the platform – ideal shape to achieve this, ”Mr. Fahey said.

“Imagine a world where there is less frustration felt by road users, less road signage, better planned road maintenance and reduced traffic management costs. AddInsight can enable future communications connectivity between vehicles and infrastructure, which will help sustain our road networks for the next generation of mobility.



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