New software tool facilitates early diagnosis of Parkinson’s psychosis


PointClickCare has developed a new software tool to aid in the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease psychosis.

The tool, developed in partnership with the American Society of Consulting Pharmacists (ASCP), is programmed to ask patients a series of questions regarding hallucinations and / or delusions. Based on the responses, elderly care providers can then strike up a conversation to gather more information and design a care plan to manage symptoms associated with Parkinson’s psychosis.

The Parkinson’s Psychosis Screening Tool is available to anyone interested in participating in PointClickCare’s free clinical content offering. More information is available here.

“Not only will the screening tool allow for faster diagnosis, it will provide the elderly care industry with a consistent way to approach Parkinson’s psychosis,” said Bill Stuart, Clinical Products Strategist at PointClickCare, in a Press release.

“At PointClickCare, we understand that the industry needs a standard approach to care by providing standardized content that ultimately leads to standard data. Standard data is the only way to go through establishments to identify trends that can potentially provide new workflows and / or lead to new treatments, ”he said.

Parkinson’s disease psychosis, a non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s disease, is often misdiagnosed.

Psychosis is the term used when patients with Parkinson’s disease experience hallucinations and delusions. While hallucinations are more likely to occur in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease, younger and newly diagnosed patients may suffer from it as well.

Manifestations of psychosis often appear at night when caregivers are unaware of these symptoms. As a result, patients are often prescribed antipsychotic drugs that are not adequate, as the underlying cause of their symptoms goes undiagnosed.

In addition to assisting in the early diagnosis of psychosis in older patients, data collected through the Parkinson’s Psychosis Detector will be incorporated into PointClickCare. Flagship initiative, a platform where data is shared to stimulate scientific research on parkinsonian psychosis, among other topics.

“Parkinson’s psychosis affects many older people around the world, and we are excited to play a role in enabling earlier detection so that patients can get the treatment they need sooner,” said Chad Worz, pharmacist certified geriatrician and general manager of ASCP.

“We’re excited to have yet another tool for healthcare teams to facilitate a more standardized care process for Parkinson’s disease and we’re excited about the role pharmacists play in this process,” said Worz.


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