Microsoft updates Windows 10 Linux-style package manager to allow software removal


Microsoft has released a new preview version of Winget Windows 10. Drawing inspiration from AppGet, Winget is a Linux-style package manager that lets you control software from the command line.

With the latest version, Winget 0.3, Microsoft has added a number of new features to the tool, including the ability to use it to uninstall software. While this is unlikely to deter the majority of people from using Settings or the Control Panel, it is extremely convenient for anyone looking to uninstall software using scripts.

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Winget has come a long way since Microsoft introduced the utility last year, and there are new features available to try in the most recent preview version. The latest version sees the addition of the “list” option which can be used to display lists of whatever is installed on a system, in addition to the “uninstall” which can be used to remove unwanted items. The required command is:

winget uninstall [app name]

But as Bleeping Computer explains, even though the latest version of Winget includes these new features, they are experimental and therefore need to be activated manually. To do this, you need to edit the JSON settings file and add the following lines to the “experimentalFeatures” section:

"list": true,

"uninstall": true,

You can download the latest preview version of Winget from GitHub. It is also possible to grab the software from the Microsoft Store if you are part of the Insider program.

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