Microsoft Releases Linux-Style Windows Package Manager v1.0 (Winget) as Store Alternative


After months of testing and pre-release, Microsoft has finally released Windows Package Manager 1.0.

Also known as Winget, the utility serves as an alternative to the Microsoft Store, providing Windows 10 users with a Linux-style package manager to find, download, and install apps from software repositories.

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The final version of Windows Package Manager is long overdue – it’s been about a year since Microsoft released the first version. Now officially ready for a public version v1.0, the command line tool (accessible through Power Shell) provides access to hundreds of applications that can be installed using commands in the form winget install firefox.

By releasing Windows Package Manager v1.0, Microsoft is pointing out that it includes all the features and bug fixes from the previous milestone release.

The company also shares details of the orders Winget supports:

to install – Install the given package

spectacle – Displays information about a package

The source – Manage package sources

to look for – Find and display basic package information

listing – View installed packages

to improve – Upgrade the given package

uninstall – Uninstall the given package

chop – Help with hashing installation files

to validate – Validate a manifest file

The settings – Open settings

characteristics – Displays the status of experimental features

export – Exports a list of installed packages

import – Installs all packages in a file

If you want to try Windows Package Manager v1.0, you can download it from GitHub. The tool is also expected to be included in Windows 10 and as such Microsoft will also make it available through an operating system update.


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