Mango Animate helps educators with hand-drawing animation software tool


Mango Animate is at the forefront of creating animation software and has come up with the perfect hand drawing animation software for teachers who want to bring their lessons to life and involve their students in the learning experience. online learning.

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Hong Kong, China – (Release the thread) – 04/08/2021 – Online education is booming, but the methods behind it haven’t changed much since the advent of the internet. Today’s students are used to viewing engaging content at their own pace. Mango Animate’s hand drawing animation software was created to provide an easy-to-use solution for educators to create hand-drawing animations to help them capture the attention of students by producing educational and engaging video resources.

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is a tool which allows users to generate hand drawn animations without any professional drawing skills. The software is perfect for creating online courses and educational videos without any pre-existing animation experience. “With Mango Animate WM, teachers can develop lessons that excite students and keep them focused on every moment of the lesson,” says Selena Lee, chief designer of Mango Animate.

The software contains hundreds of pre-animated templates of different types to help users cut down on video creation time. The templates are nothing less than anything created from scratch, and users can generate high quality doodle videos in a fraction of the time. Moreover, to bring more realistic effect to videos and to match the voiceover, the software comes with a variety of types of hands of various sizes and gestures and male and female.

Mango Animate WM is a complete hand drawing animation software and offers everything you need to create an awesome whiteboard video. A library full of SVG images, predefined characters, icons and shapes included in this hand drawing animation software seems like a treasure for anyone who can use them to their full potential. In addition, there is a voice recording option directly in the software for personalized voiceover. Animated 3D characters will also be coming to the software soon to further elevate the level of videos.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is a leading technology company that uses the latest technology to develop animation software tools. Software solutions create animated videos, whiteboard videos, text videos, and character videos. The technology behind these products is continuously updated to ensure the best working experience for users.

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