Knoza Partners with Amazon Aggregators to Provide Revenue Recovery Software Tool for FBA Refunds



Orlando, Florida, September 28, 2021 – ( – Knoza, a full-service Amazon consulting firm, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with six Amazon aggregators to provide its proprietary FBA reimbursement tool, Revenue Recovery®.

Adam Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Knoza, said, “We’re completely disrupting the FBA refund space with best-in-class software, a dedicated team of experienced experts, and the absolute lowest price in the industry. . “

Knoza charges its Aggregator customers about half of the industry standard.

“Multiply these huge savings by all the brands an aggregator owns, and it’s easy to understand the traction Knoza has quickly gained with so many different aggregators,” added Schwartz.

Amazon acknowledges that it is losing items that sellers ship to warehouses or that it loses while moving them between warehouses ( Knoza’s software identifies 17 different issues for which Amazon might owe a seller money, and then its US-based team of experts categorizes cases to collect the funds and deposit them into sellers’ accounts.

Knoza collected over $ 1 million for its customers in 2020 and has already surpassed that number in 2021. It now has a reputation for being comprehensive, affordable, and fast.

And Revenue Recovery also works in the EU / UK market.

Amazon Aggregators, companies that acquire Amazon’s top sellers, have raised more than $ 7 billion to build a large portfolio of several of Amazon’s most respected brands.

“It’s reasonable to assume that collectively the aggregators will own 2,000 sellers in the US, Europe and UK by the end of next year,” according to Allen Kupetz, COO of Knoza. “We are focusing on aggregators because we can capture a lot of the market so quickly with our prices. Existing FBA reimbursement companies have enjoyed monopoly pricing for so long. Now aggregators benefit from the savings of increased competition. Aggregators should not have to pay the retail price for what is now a commodity service offering.

Knoza’s FBA reimbursement methodology can be summed up by the acronym GET IDEA:

G – Global. Revenue Recovery operates in the North American, European and UK markets.

E – Experts. Software is everything, but it’s the human team of experts that sets Knoza apart from the competition.

T – Hard. Knoza doesn’t take Amazon’s “no” and move on. He keeps fighting until he earns every dollar, euro and pound he can get.

I – Integrity. Knoza doesn’t have stupid sign-up offers that quickly disappear. Aggregators pay 8% of what is collected.

D – Reliable. Knoza now has over 200 Revenue Recovery clients because it is a reliable and trustworthy partner.

E – Easy. It is easy to do business with us. We will bill you monthly based on what we have collected. No hidden fees or monthly minimum. Easy.

A – Affordable. No one can do what Knoza does at this cost. Knoza can do this because it is also a full-service Amazon consulting firm with a whole suite of software tools.



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