How to download and install Windows Package Manager (winget) on Windows 10


Announced at the Build 2020 Developer Conference, a Windows Package Manager is a comprehensive package management solution for developers and IT administrators on the Windows operating system.

Windows Package Manager consists of a command line tool and a set of services for installing apps on Windows 10.

If you are an IT admin looking to automate the process of installing, upgrading, removing, and configuring a bundle of apps on a Windows 10 PC, you should try the Windows Package Manager, Winget.

You can access fin through Windows Terminal, PowerShell, or Command Prompt.

A package manager is a system or set of tools used to automate the installation, upgrade, configuration, and use of software. Most package managers are designed for discovering and installing developer tools.

wing characteristics

The following commands and options are available:

  • to install Install the given application
  • spectacle Displays information about an application
  • The source Manage application sources
  • to look for Find and view basic application information
  • chop Help with hashing installation files
  • to validate Validates a manifest file
  • -to help Provides command line help
  • -Info Provides additional data, useful for troubleshooting
  • -version Provides client version

How to download and install winget

If you are running Windows 10 May 2020 update, the winget package manager may already be installed on your PC.

To verify, run the following command:

winget --version

If you see something like v0.1.41331 Preview, you don’t have to do anything else.

Windows Package Manager CLI

However, for the sake of the rest of the users, we’ll go through the rest of the tutorial.

Since fin package manager has been made open source, go to the Winget versions page of the GitHub repository and download the file marked in the image below.

package manager on GitHub

Once the file has downloaded, navigate to the file and double click to run. You will see something like this.

Installing Windows Package Manager

Click the UPDATE button to update the built-in app installer.

When the process is complete, open a command prompt window and run the following command. now version Preview v0.1.41331 should appear.

winget --version

In the follow-up tutorial, we will see how to discover and install apps in bulk on Windows 10 using the command line tool.


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