How to buy an apartment with no money, no legacy, no future?

How to buy an apartment with a man who really has nothing? Who does not have the opportunity in the present and the future to build something in the traditional way that seems to be the privilege of the middle class now? In this article we are looking for a solution…

You have to start on the longer and harder way!

Imagine, I didn’t get millions from my parents, I didn’t inherit anything (fortunately), and ultimately I had to do everything myself, because there was no “entrepreneurial pattern” in front of me.

Maybe that’s why I can talk about this way credibly, because I am going to do this. Undoubtedly, this longer journey, which requires much more discipline, must be more persistent, and we need a dose of positive attitude to go even in the greatest trouble.

But what does this longer trip mean, in the middle of your 35-40 year-old, with a little luck you get to the start field where your companions started at the age of 20 with a home + some kp / business combo? I’ll take these in line, but it’s completely unnecessary to read it if you are hoping for an instant and painless solution…

Step 1 # “Finding Your Three Base Points”

It is totally unnecessary to talk about money until everything in your life changes, you can’t relax anywhere and you don’t have a secure base where you can “escape” if you have enough. Why three? Because you basically remember this and it’s almost impossible to go all three at once (it happened once with me, but the chance is really small).

So what are the three motifs in your life that will be happy and filled? What is it that can turn off? I currently have the following three points (these points may vary from time to time as our own preferences change):

Anything can be such a point. May be more specific, it may be more distant

For me, this is a typical triple model, because my work is basically my hobby and I feel absolutely good at all three base points. Regardless, there are times when I can’t do sports because of an accident or the work doesn’t come together – whatever I do, or I have problems with the family.

In this case, I always come to a point when I realize that the more I want to solve, the more I struggle, the worse the situation is. That’s why you need to stop and turn off one of the other two still operating base points. 1-1 tiny joy and complete mental refreshment (temporary forgetting of problems) can put your problem in a new perspective and help you solve it.

It is crucial to build this three-legged stability in your life, otherwise you will get deeper into the rabbit cavity…

# 2 is your passion

# 2 is your passion

It is no coincidence that there are basically two types of people who do not yet stay where they want:

  1. the resignant who is tired of hopelessness. He is the one who does not have the job of enjoying his hobby
  2. a hopeful believer who believes in a more beautiful future. He is the one whose work is his hobby who is where he should be

Maybe a dogma is tricky, but it is true: your work can only be done with passion and good results. And for that you need to love what you do. It will definitely not work to feel your work as a constant spiritual burden, which is why you are unable to see the possibilities in it, you are unable to perform it in a high level.

More and more people are doing it after finding their own passion for work, setting up their own business and, as a freelancer, earning their multiple pay. Instead of producing money for others, they change their own passion and knowledge!

Isn’t everyone the business? I think this thesis is no longer in place at an age to find a freelancer online assistant, bus driver, or even a writer. In virtually every area, which requires expertise and / or creativity, self-sufficiency, you can start your own business, provided that we look forward to passion and difficult times as we trust ourselves.

# 3 Steps to Continuous Development

I slowly got into an annual debate with one of my best friends. We are both followers of continuous development and learning, but we both imagine it in another way. He is a supporter of higher education (master) in an organized system, even though I am a supporter of self-education.

Why not higher education?

Of course, I am not a secret, but I think that in many areas we simply do not get an updated and fresh knowledge base that is needed for work, activity, and business. In addition, there is another problem with tuition fees, which amount to nearly half a million forints each year. This is a lot of money for a person we are talking about in the article (no heritage, no good looking… etc). In addition, daytime masters courses mean that you have to recoup your work, your monthly income decreases.

In English, we conserve our lives for the duration of our Master’s course, while we narrow our vision to the multidimensional staff world where the master’s diploma is still worth it.

Why self-education?

Luckily, in 2018, a number of online (and free) professional communities were created on Facebook, where you can consult with professionals. In addition, almost all information and the latest knowledge is available free of charge or in a paid form, so we can concentrate on a specific topic in a very short time. If this were not enough, we could consider the creation of our own business and / or professional blog as a form of self-training. We can do this with minimal investment, but with the promise of gaining experience points.

Step # 4 is to increase your monthly available wealth and conscious career development

In the introduction I have already indicated that you will be disappointed with the article if you are waiting for an instant solution from me, which will solve your shortcomings. Since you do not have a fundamentally material background like “envious friends”, you need to be more conscious and clever. You just can’t make a mistake, because in your case, you might have a light-hearted mistake or a “everything into vacation” years back to your plans.

Since you will never be able to buy real estate from none, you can start in three directions – first or second solution or mixing the two -.

You have to leave your own comfort zone

If you watched, you can see that it has not been a matter of the financial background of buying a home. However, we are constantly dealing with you both from a spiritual and a career perspective. The reason for this is that you start from a disadvantage, the first step of which is to decode and build your own financial culture and attitude to life. In fact, if this has been successful, you will be much easier to take over and you will have many opportunities to buy a property.

You should not take career building from now on in half-life and trust others. You have to get your fate in hand and occasionally initiate wage negotiations, look for promotional opportunities or change jobs. To do this, I recommend you the Payroll Calculator: How to negotiate better than our 99.99% of people? Article Guide.

# 5 Steps To Learn To Rate Zero

# 5 Steps To Learn To Rate Zero

The astonishing truth is that people living in financially modest circumstances are much less likely to appreciate zero than their wealthier counterparts. In the present case, the rate of return on investment and savings is metaphorically.

A few days ago, a client asked me if he put aside $ 12,000 for 15 years (paying $ 3.1M with 5% indexing), and that would be $ 4.3M, then this wouldn’t be much of a return? So he felt that this minimum deposit would give him a much higher return than an almost 50% increase. The reason for this is that you cannot appreciate “zero”.

As it does not manage its own money and the opportunities of the money market, it can only build on the yields of “extraordinary investments” in tabloid newspapers. This implies a “perceived legitimate” expectation that you would be entitled to “at least $ 6M” over a period of 15 years by investing safely and paying $ 12,000 a month.

In reality, we should rather be pleased that the need for savings has been born and is willing to put aside at least this. If 0% interest is paid, a 3.1M HUF deposit will be collected, which means that we earn more than spending this amount every month! We call this a necessary financial paradigm shift.