How to Bulk Install Apps with Windows 10 Package Manager 2022 Tip


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Check How to Bulk Install Apps with Windows 10 Package Manager

I will show you how to bulk install software using Windows 10 Package Manager. Winstall is a free online website where you can find almost all software and applications that are compatible with Windows 10 Winget Package Manager. Winstall generates a CMD or PowerShell script that you can download and run on your PC to install selected software and applications. The website is simple and does not require registration or anything like that. The process is very simple since you only have to choose the software you want to install. Simply click on the “+” icon in front of each application, then create your package.

It will show you how many apps you have selected on the bottom page as you can see in the screenshot below. Some application packages have already been created, such as for entertainment, essential tools, web browsers, social networks, developers, etc. Each prepackaged app contains the relevant apps. Now just click “Generate Script” to get Winget commands to bulk install apps and software. And you can get the installation script in BAT or PS1 (PowerShell) format. After getting the script, just run it with proper admin privileges and you are good to go.

How to install your favorite apps with winstall

  • First, you will need to install Winget from Microsoft. Without winget installed, winstall will not work. In the future, winget will be part of Windows 10, and you can use a tool like winstall on any PC without any configuration.
  • Once the Windows Package Manager is installed on your PC, go to the winstall website. Use the search box or browse popular and featured apps, adding the apps you want in your install script.
  • Once you have chosen all your favorite applications from the website, click on the “Generate script” button at the bottom of the page.
  • The winstall site will tell you the command to run to install your applications. You can see the full list of apps at the bottom of this page. You can delete the ones you don’t want.
  • To install them, open a Windows Terminal, Command Prompt, or PowerShell window. For example, you can right-click the Start button or press Windows + X and select “Windows PowerShell” to open a PowerShell window. You don’t need to start it as administrator.
  • Copy and paste the command from the web page into the command line environment and hit enter. (If you’re using PowerShell, be sure to select “View PowerShell Script” on the website.)
  • This is a script file that will automatically execute the command shown on the page when you double click on it.

Final Words: How to Bulk Install Apps with Windows 10 Package Manager

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