Greater Anglia reduces train delays with new software tool


Delays due to breakdowns on Greater Anglia trains are drastically reduced thanks to a new software tool, which helps technicians identify breakdowns and quickly repair trains.

When a driver contacts Greater Anglia’s control center in Romford to say their train has a fault, technicians at the center will use software to identify the fault. The software is a decision support tool that guides the service technician through a series of steps depending on the fault described by the driver.

The software will then identify the step-by-step movements needed to get the train moving again.

The software incorporates a countdown that automatically counts down from ten minutes to zero. This will then give a clear indication if further action is required, such as isolation systems, to get the train moving again.

New Greater Anglia train // Credit: Greater Anglia

To reduce future service delays, the software, which has been developed by IQM Software, receives feedback from the Greater Anglia and Stadler teams who service Greater Anglia’s dual-mode intercity, Stansted Express and regional trains, on any new issues or defect that could have been previously identified.

All of Greater Anglia’s older trains are due to be withdrawn from service by next summer and replaced with new, state-of-the-art trains. Many are already in service, new Stansted Express, Intercity and regional trains built by Stadler, and 75 commuter trains built by Alstom.

Martin Beable, Engineering Director of Greater Anglia, said: “This software has been key in ensuring that if any issues arise on our trains, the myriad of key actions and steps that need to be taken can be completed. as quickly as possible to try and get the workout moving.

“We have worked with our colleagues at Stadler to ensure that all relevant information is captured after each incident and integrated into the decision support tool, so that it is as efficient and useful as possible. Soon we will also introduce it in our fleet of new commuter trains built by Alstom.

“We are proud that our team was able to use this tool to help reduce our delays per technical incident to levels that most train operators aspire to achieve.”

“Our new trains improve our punctuality and reliability. They travel between 120,000 and 200,000 miles a year and, like any machine with moving parts, they sometimes develop faults, but this software helps us keep customer delays to a minimum.

Thibaut Decré, Head of Strategy at IQM Software, said: “It has been great to work with Greater Anglia in their efforts to double down on improving the software critical to their operation, including our system: TEAM.

“Working with a team with such clear vision and quick decision-making enables us to deliver great results quickly, and we look forward to continuing to be a strategic partner for Greater Anglia’s digital strategy.”


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