Good.Lab launches ESG materiality assessment software tool


“Materiality automation accelerates our clients through prioritization of ESG topics, so they can quickly use their information to align leadership and resources around key topics and build an ESG improvement plan.” – Andries Verschelden, CEO and Co-Founder, Good.Lab

Good.Lab, an environmental, social and governance (ESG) data software company, has announced the launch of a materiality assessment tool as part of its ESG performance software. The materiality assessment tool enables organizations to quickly identify and prioritize many ESG topics and is considered an essential first step to successfully launching an ESG strategy.

Conducting a materiality assessment is usually a time-consuming and costly process for an organization; however, it is considered essential for improving performance in a targeted set of ESG impact areas. Good.Lab’s Materiality Assessment Tool automates this process by aggregating data inputs from multiple stakeholders into a dynamic materiality matrix that can be used to align leadership around a focused, measurable set of ESG objectives. The tool allows for frequent updates as new stakeholders are included and to maintain relevance given rapidly changing business dynamics.

The materiality assessment tool can be deployed by consultants, internal ESG and sustainability leaders, and private equity firms to drill down and analyze data by individual topic or group of ESG topics, by one or more companies, subsidiaries, or customers, or by one or more stakeholders or functional teams enabling powerful peer and industry comparisons.

Andries Verschelden, CEO and co-founder of Good.Lab, said: “We added the materiality assessment module to our ESG performance software to streamline what was traditionally a time-consuming process: brainstorming workshops of several days, Excel and post-its. exercise notes. By automating this process, our clients can quickly identify priority ESG topics, align leadership and resources around those topics, and develop an action plan for improvement. Rather than investing time in the exercise, they can use the insights to focus on creating value. »

Good.Lab’s ESG performance software, which includes the new materiality assessment module, empowers companies at all stages of ESG maturity – from those just activating an ESG program, to companies looking to accelerate their efforts, including those wishing to improve their ESG performance. a quantitative, data-driven methodology that aligns with common frameworks, such as ISSB, SASB, and GRI.

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About Good.Lab

Good.Lab was launched to create a fairer and more sustainable economy by unleashing the power of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data. Today, companies are increasingly valued on a long-term commitment to delivering positive results in their communities, on the environment, to their workers, customers and shareholders. Good.Lab helps companies optimize their ESG performance and turn sustainability into a competitive advantage through a combination of ESG performance software and expert program management. Good.Lab is a 1% for the Planet member, as well as a pending B-Corporation. Visit us online at

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