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Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) will transform the way it manages and develops its workforce. They are preparing to transition to a modern software tool created to centralize learning and development, certifications, skills assessments and career planning with a new corporate learning management system (LMS), branded Waypoints.

Waypoints is a Navy-branded cloud-based commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system slated for implementation in FY22 through a partnership between Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), shipyards and regional maintenance centers.

The full-service suite of tools will serve as an “enterprise gateway” for employee learning, career planning and individual development with innovative features that support and inform the full spectrum of talent management strategies.

“The integration of data and the power of advanced analytics within Waypoints will help supervisors, community managers, and leaders make data- and talent-driven decisions. NNSY’s talent is its most essential resource for shaping the future, and it is our responsibility to identify and access the skills we need, and to initiate the best career paths for our employees,” said Shelly Simpson, NNSY’s Waypoints Deployment Coordinator. Simpson also said, “An integrated enterprise learning and talent management solution will empower employees and enable a high-impact learning organization. Incremental capabilities will be deployed in FY22 to support advanced learning and talent management approaches. »

NNSY’s phased approach focuses on two priority areas: learning management and performance management. Learning Management (replacement of ATMS functionality) – Includes training administration functions and migration from NNSY’s existing platform. Users will access Waypoints to perform the same functions as today, but with more integration and capability, such as LinkedIn Learning, course catalog and enrollment, certifications, and approval workflows of training. The second priority area, Performance Management (Competency/Competency Assessments) – will enable Competency Management (Competency) and Employee Assessments to help individuals and the organization understand skill strengths and gaps.

NNSY will continue to expand ROI opportunities and cost reduction approaches by pursuing process automation and data integration, piloting new capabilities, and removing learning platforms and processes and redundant talent management.

Platforms and processes managed by shipyards will be decommissioned over time. Waypoints will eventually replace ATMS, IDP tools (SharePoint and TWMS), and SF-182 routing in Navy enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The soft launch of Waypoints is scheduled for April 2022 and will include features for end users, LinkedIn Learning courses and online courses not associated with certifications. “All NNSY employees will have the opportunity to log into Waypoints during the soft launch and explore its various features, including testing eLearning features and other features,” said Shelly Simpson, coordinator of the deployment of Waypoints. “This launch will be online training conducted through LinkedIn Learning with more to be announced in the future. Additionally, we will be offering Waypoints briefings and weekly updates through Microsoft Teams for those who want to be able to see how this is happening and to ask any questions they might have.

For more information or to request to be included in Waypoints briefings, please email Shelly Simpson at [email protected]

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