Dublin-based ParkOffice launches smart parking software tool for employees



ParkOffice has launched a new automated tool in time for Ireland’s Return to Offices, which allows office workers to share parking spaces.

As Irish workers plan to return to the office, a product has been launched that could potentially ease the stress of finding a parking space.

Dublin-based software company ParkOffice has introduced a new data-driven feature called Spotshare to help workers share parking spaces.

The platform allows people to share and exchange parking spaces with colleagues or with people from other companies. It works using Newton, ParkOffice’s “smart employee parking” algorithm.

This algorithm allows businesses to automate all aspects of the parking space sharing process, from security to payments. It also identifies which spaces can be used and when they are available.

Founded in Dublin in 2016, ParkOffice is now present in 15 countries around the world. It has a second office in New York and employs a total of 15 people. She works with companies such as L’Oréal, Indeed and Europcar to provide their employees with parking software.

The core business functionality allows staff to free up assigned parking spaces when they are away from the office, working remotely, or on vacation. Its new Spotshare feature will allow it to tap into the market for people returning to work in offices.

The company described Spotshare as an “employee parking exchange”.

Garret Flower, the founder of the Parkpnp parking app, is also the CEO and founder of ParkOffice.

“The launch of Spotshare comes at a time when commuters are feeling extremely anxious about returning to their workplace,” he said. “Our new feature aims to relieve the headaches and stress associated with navigating the workplace parking lot by encouraging businesses located in the same buildings to share spaces with others. “

Flower added that he hoped Spotshare would help “make the return to the office as stress-free as possible with minimum disruption to employees and employers.”

Irish workers will be able to return to their offices from September 20, according to the government’s announcement last week.

According to Central Statistics Office 2016 census figures, the majority (61.4%) of Irish workers drive to work.



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