CircleCI launches Orbs, a package manager for software delivery automation – TechCrunch



DevOps Platform CircleCI today announced a new partner program that will open its platform and allow third-party tools to integrate into it. Additionally, the company is launching Orbs, which it describes as “the world’s first package manager designed specifically for configuring software delivery automation.

Fresh out of its $ 31 million fundraising round earlier this year, CircleCI has a clear mission to firmly establish its stake in the increasingly competitive delivery and continuous integration space. Its launch partners today include Cypress, JFrog, Pulumi, Sauce Labs, Sonatype and WhiteSource.

This partnership program, however, primarily sets the stage for the orbs. The idea behind Orbs is to give enterprise users the ability to share their preferred CI / CD configuration between teams and projects by allowing them to group their commands, executors and tasks into a few lines of code. It’s basically a way for teams to further automate their build / test / deploy workflow and share best practices for setting up their software pipelines. For new users, these orbs will also make getting started easier without having to write a lot of master code.

CircleCI will offer its own set of Certified Orbs, as well as those written by its partners. Currently, there are orbs to work with Amazon’s Heroku and S3 and CodeDeploy, for example, as well as the mandatory Slack notification orb. In total, CircleCI is launching 25 packages today.

“CircleCI orbs are the most exciting thing in the CI world since Docker containers,” said Gleb Bahmutov, vice president of engineering at Cypress and customer and contributor of early access orbs. “From a developer’s perspective, orbs are a much-needed improvement over the usual ‘read documents, copy paste, adjust for 30 minutes until CI passes’ – an outdated workflow . It is an absolutely amazing experience.



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