C3 Systems chooses Deltek First software tool to help move management projects to the cloud

HERNDON, Va., Feb. 11, 2014. Executives at Consummate Computer Consultants Systems LLC (C3 Systems), a management consulting firm in Herndon, Va., needed cloud computing software to manage various government contracting projects. They found their solution with Deltek Inc. in Herndon, Virginia.

C3 Systems Selects Deltek First Cloud Computing Software as C3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. Deltek First uses project management and project accounting software to help companies move applications to the cloud.

Deltek First is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP product for companies such as management consultants and government contractors that allows users to bundle projects on a cloud-based ERP system, according to officials at Deltek.

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C3 Systems supports federal, state, and local government customers by assisting with software requirements, process re-engineering, enterprise architecture, independent verification and validation (IV&V), and testing.

C3 executives acknowledged they had significant challenges with their old time-tracking and accounting systems that didn’t meet the needs of its growing business, Deltek officials said.

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Not only was C3 unable to integrate the two systems, but they also had significant issues getting a clear picture of the business as their business grew and had too many manual processes in place to effective control of its critical data.

“A major challenge we had before moving to Deltek was that our paid time off (PTO) hours were consistently incorrect using our old time tracking system,” says Charles Thomas, president and CEO of C3 Systems.

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“The PTO hours were never calculated correctly, and our team had to manually reconcile accrued expenses and PTO balances after each pay period, which took an inordinate amount of time we could spend better elsewhere,” says Thomas. “The level of customer service from our suppliers was We also declined sharply; we no longer wanted to use these inadequate systems to run our business. Simply put, our old systems still did not meet the needs of our growing business.”

C3 needed an accelerated implementation as the company accepts several new contracts. C3 was expected to be operational on Deltek First within 10 calendar days.

For more information, contact Deltek online at www.deltek.com or C3 Systems at www.c3-systems.com.


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