Bulk installation of Windows applications with Winstall for Windows Package Manager


When it comes to installing multiple Windows apps, there are no easy fixes. You will need to find, click install, then repeat until you have installed all the apps. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the Windows Package Manager. Simply put, a Packaging manager automates the installation process and saves a lot of time. However, there is no user interface available, and this is where Winstall enters the scene. It is one of the first apps to use Package Manager to help consumers mass install apps and software on Windows 10.

Winstall is a graphical interface for the Windows package manager

If you don’t already have Windows Package Manager, you can install it by downloading and installing the latest .appxbundle file from here.

Bulk install Windows applications with Winstall

Winstall is a website that can create script based on the selection of applications. When you run this script on Windows 10 PC, it installs all the apps you selected on the website. Although it lists some of the popular apps on the homepage, you can search for an app. That said, it can only reveal apps that are available with the official Windows Package Manager app repository. The app displays the app name, developer name, and app version.

Once you have selected the applications, click the Generate Script button. It will then offer you two options. Download the BAT file or copy the script to the clipboard. If you choose later, you can run the script on the command prompt or PowerShell (Admin). If you download the BAT file, run it with administrator privileges.

At present, there are over 240 apps available in the list, which you can see in the “All apps” section. To make sure it is the same application, you can visit the website or directly download the file by clicking the Download Application or Download EXE button. If you don’t see the app or the data looks out of date, click the Clear Cache button.

It kind of reminds me of a Windows Phone app – Reinstaller – that allowed anyone to install apps in bulk by getting the list of apps I own from the Store. Something like this would be handy for Windows users, but since it largely depends on the official Windows package manager, the chances are slim.

Winstall is an open source application, and if you want to contribute, you can always do so through GitHub.

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Bulk install Windows applications with Winstall


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