Loan to Negative: Which is best for you?

Debts arise when we do not pay some bills for lack of money. In this way, the delay each day will generate interest and more interest. After a while, it ends up becoming a snowball and the name becomes negative or restrictive .

Therefore, Good Financial will show you which loan is best for bad loans with better terms of payment.

How do I apply for a loan being denied?

How do I apply for a loan being denied?

The first thought after the decision to get out of the financial squeeze, is to ask for a loan so as to take out the debts and to have only one creditor: the bank. But unfortunately, due to the conditions imposed by personal loans, the process of applying for credit becomes almost impossible for the negatives.

In these loans, it is almost always necessary to carry out an analysis of credit protection agencies , such as SPC and Serasa. And when there is the release of credit for those who are restricted in the SPC / Serasa, it is likely that interest rates will be very high, which will make the process unfeasible.

Thinking of the difficulty of the negatives in applying for credit, Good Financial brought together the banks that make consignment loans . This is a specific credit modality for retirees, INSS pensioners and public servants.

In this type of contracting, the installments are discounted directly from the payroll and the deadlines are usually the best. Know the advantages of payroll and why it may be the best option for those who are in default in the market

Without consultation

The process of releasing the payroll loan does not perform the credit analysis , thus enabling the hiring by people who are under the restricted name.

In this way, the request for credit becomes simpler than you think, because only personal documents, the registration of your benefit and proof of address are required.

Low interest rate

Low interest rate

Payroll deductible loans have many rules to protect the applicant and the financial institution. One is that the maximum interest rate is stipulated by the Central Bank and reaches approximately 2.10% per month.

In view of other forms of personal credit, such as overdrafts or other loans, where monthly interest may exceed 20%, payroll-deductible loans have the lowest rate .

The justification for the lower rate is the lower chances of default, ie non-payment. Thus, as it is granted to retirees / pensioners and civil servants, the income of the applicant is fixed . Hence, these people do not run the risk of losing wages and benefits.

In addition, the value of the loan installments is discounted directly from the payroll . This way, you do not have to worry about due dates or even paying for tickets.

The best way to cleanse the name with payday loan is to exchange your expensive debts for a cheaper one . That is, you can add up the value of all the debts you want to pay off with high interest rates.

After making this survey, apply for the loan within the limit of your assignable margin, in the amount of your debts. Thus, you remove them in cash, you can negotiate good discounts, and you only have a portion with the institution with which you applied for the credit.

This way, you get your name clean, without multiple lenders and charges on your door or phone, and pay a loan with the lowest interest rates on the market .