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The Best Way to Find A Laptop

After CES 2015, it has become clear that this year is going to be an exciting year for laptops. Intel has released the latest Generation of processor with the Broadwell chips and they have another chip coming in Q2 – Q3 called the Skylake. The Skylake processor promoses to bring tons of innovation to the […]

Google Drive For Linux?

According to Google, “We’re working on Linux support—hang tight!”. That’s what they said 3 years ago anyways. So where is Google drive support for linux? Well they actually finally seem to be on the brink of releasing support for Linux very soon and this time its not all talk. There is actual evidence via a […]

Microsoft announces Windows 8.1 PC The Size of A USB Drive

Microsoft has just announced they will be releasing a Windows 8.1 computer the size of a USB dongle. I was blown away when I first read this announcement because it brings portability to an entirely new level. I can fit an entire PC in my shoe! Whats also cool is that they managed to include […]