The Best Way to Find A Laptop

After CES 2015, it has become clear that this year is going to be an exciting year for laptops.

Intel has released the latest Generation of processor with the Broadwell chips and they have another chip coming in Q2 – Q3 called the Skylake.

The Skylake processor promoses to bring tons of innovation to the market. Including completely wireless laptops. Not even a cord for charging.

Naturally, laptop manufacturers are going to be releases laptops by the boatload.

So what’s the best way to sort through so many choices for the laptop and select the right one? One choice is to go at it the old fashioned way and do your own research, taking notes and marking down your top choices.

However, Show My Options has created a tool that allows you to find the best rated laptops for the exact specs and features you are looking for. This way you can very quickly narrow down your choices to make the easiest decision.

For example, I wanted a new laptop for under $800 that was thin and light with a 1080p monitor. I selected these choices on the Showmyoptions laptop finder tool and it came back with 12 results that matched my criteria. There where a few really good choices, but the Toshiba Satellite S55-B5148 had a far better processor for the price. This made my choice a no brainer.

What I also like about this filter is the amount of detail you get about the product on the product pages. Everything you would want to know about the laptop is there on one page. Does is have bluetooth? What about an HD webcam? How many USB ports are there? Battery life? Literally every detail about the laptop is on the page. Even details missing from the amazon product page are included on the Show My Options product pages.

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